VR Tour

Do you want to walk around the shop without leaving the couch? You can kind of can do that now! We have set up something like Googleโ€™s Street View but for inside the store. You can move about, look around and some items have clickable links that take you to the website for more information.

Have a look around (VR Tour)

Take a tour of the shop โ€“ November 2019

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Clickable links to products open in new windows also

International Postage

New Zealand post just recently (1st July, 2018 ) increased their prices and changed how the price is calculated.

As a result the cost of sending a lot of things on our website internationally have gone up. Some have stayed the same… ish… but basically, if it doesn’t fit in a large shoe box the price has increased quite a bit.

Its worth noting that we do not charge packing or handling fees. We strive to have the price we charge for postage to be the price we are charged for postage.

Free Postage within New Zealand

Well… It’s bad news I’m afraid.

Due to increased courier costs we need to introduce a shipping cost for orders under $30. It is only $5 if your order is under $30 but still we are not happy about it as we liked the simplicity of blanket free shipping. But there you have it… insert sad face here ๐Ÿ™ … very good.

New Website

This one. It’s new.

You can create ‘wish-lists’ to remember the things you liked or you can share them with your friends as a subtle hint for that up coming birthday or wedding.

The prices automatically up date to exclude GST if you are sending items out of the country.

You can choose the wrapping paper for each gift individually or choose to have them wrapped together.

The check out process is a lot clearer and it does a bunch of stuff behind the scenes that we don’t fully understand but are very excited by it.

We hope you like it ๐Ÿ™‚