Sizes: A4 print with additional matting (approx 35cm x 28cm total)

Without diversity, the natural environment wouldn’t survive. New Zealand could be considered as one of the most diverse nations in the world due the high rates of immigration. These 3 pieces celebrate and recognise New Zealand’s cultural diversity together with the unique native birds. There are over 200 nationalities in NZ so I was only able to cover a few in these three pieces. The bowl is the same in each piece to show the commonality of each nationality based on where we live. Tui, Hibiscus (Pacific Islands), Harekeke (NZ), Tullip (Netherlands), Camellia – New Zealand was one of the first countries who allowed women the vote and was worn by the NZ suffragette Kate Sheppard, in this painting it represents equality.

Fine art matted prints with optional frame. Signed by artist Angie Dennis.


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