These Kiwiana milestone decal discs are a great way to capture your little one’s first year. You can stick them on the the white acrylic disc(included with the set) or stick on your baby’s onesie (temporary usage )and just snap a picture. They can also be applied on the wall or any smooth non-porous surface, unlimited usage.

Each of our 15 Kiwiana decals is adorned with a different NZ native birds such as Kiwi, Pukeko, Tui, Fantail, Ruru, Kereru, Kingfisher, Tomtit, Kea, Kakapo, Saddleback and Kokako.

Our reusable fabric stickers are made from eco-friendly woven polyester fabric so they wont tear or wrinkle and they are easy to apply, just peel and stick. We recommend that you keep the backing sheet so that you can use it again to store the decal. Our milestone decals are made with photos in mind. Since ours feature a matte finish, when you take that perfect shot of your baby, photos will come out clear and easy to read without the glare.

When you’re ready to change with the new milestone disc, simply just peel off the sticker from the disc and put it back onto the backing sheet and apply the new milestone sticker to the disc. Easy pre-cut discs allow you to easily peel off the decal without ripping or damaging it.

It’s so much fun to watch your baby grow and change, and it will be a beautiful keepsake for years to come.

The milestone set includes:

❤Hello World
❤One Week Old
❤One through to Eleven Months Old
❤One Year Old
❤My First Christmas

Product Information:

Size : 12.5cm diameter
Material : Eco-friendly woven Polyester Fabric with repositionable adhesive & easy to apply and 100% PVC free

1 x White Acrylic disc (Thickness : 3mm)
15 x stickers

Safety: Please note that these discs are designed for photographic purposes only. They are not toys and not designed for a baby to chew or suck on. Please ensure you store discs out of reach from curious little hands and never leave with your baby unattended.

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